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    terrible navigation/subscription/help

    jaebaeli Level 1

      I have to say adobe is the WORST with support and navigation. I've just spent the last hour looking for help, but the CONTACT area says i can chat (that's the only option) but that option is not a live link and there seems no other place to find a live chat. Everything is so clustered and confusing, and there is no clear way to get what i need. I don't have time to deal with this!!

      The problem: I subscribe to Creative Cloud and joined/subscribed to adobe stock, but used a different email and password, so it's not connected to my original account. That's problematic enough, but then when i tried to save or download an image on the new account, it took me to a screen that said purchase once, or subscribe. Well I've already subscribed! so why is it trying to get me to pay to subscribe again? will i be charged twice? how do i move my new subscription into the CC i already have? how do i save pictures to consider later? there is no lightbox. How do I insure that i'm not paying double for everything, when it makes no mention that I've already paid for the service?

      This is terrible!

      At this point, i want to just cancel my subscription tot he stock part and go elsewhere.