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    Active fonts missing in *some* documents


      Most vexing…


      Recently upgraded to InDesign CC 2015.4 here at work. A couple of fonts are now missing at the document level. It has show up more than once and with different fonts. Here's one case:


      Opening an existing document, I get a font missing error. Trade Gothic Next LT Pro Condensed shows as missing in the Find Font… dialog. I open a new document and set text in exactly that font. It is clearly activated and not missing. Both text instances are set to "No Styles."


      I then copy the text box from the new doc and paste it into the original and I see the pink highlighted text and the brackets around the font name in the Character panel, indicating the font is missing.


      We are running Universal Type Client (Extensis). The font is activated as "permanent" and shows up in all other applications.


      The font is also now in a Document Fonts folder at the document root level.


      The only kludge I've found to work is to export the broken document as an IDML and reimport into ID. This indicates to me that the problem is encoded in the original document.


      If this were a one-off problem, I'd be fine with the kludge but it is showing up in multiple documents from the previous build (InDesign 2015.3).


      It's a nasty speed bump in a high-speed business environment. Anybody got any clues?