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    Error reading catalog and preview cash


      I am constantly getting the error message that there is an error reading from the catalog or the message that it can't read from the preview cache.This started in LR 5.7.  I upgraded to CC and it didn't solve the problem.  Sometimes it happens when I launch LR or after in it for a while.  It seems to always occur when I look quickly at the thumbnails moving around a lot.


      Windows 10

      16 gig ram

      External hard drive for catalog and photos

      Around 32,000 photos in catalog


      I have started new catalogs on different hard drives, imported photos, and a variety of things yet still get the message.  I need some help in trouble shooting this.  I don't have confidence to use the program if I continue to get the errors.  One option I haven't tried is to create a new catalog and load all the pictures as photos.  I lose all the editing if I go that route so haven't tried it yet.


      I have deleted the presets folder countless times.  If I launch a 'build standard previews' job, it starts and then fails with message after about 10 minutes.  Have tried this several times.


      Need some help on this!!



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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Laptop or desktop computer?

          When you are done using the computer, do you "shutdown" or "sleep"?

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            PJMc Level 1

            I am running a desktop.  I generally close LR down but have the PC power settings set to go to sleep.  But I just changed it to leave on full time in the event it was trying to sleep while an LR process was running.

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              PJMc Level 1

              I took my external drive holding catalog and photos and attached to my older HP laptop with I3 and 4 gig memory (I was running it on my desktop) and didn't have any problems.  I only have USB 2.0 on the laptop.  On the desktop, I have 3.0 and was using a hub.  Got rid of the hub and went straight to the motherboard connection on USB 3.0.  Much better but not perfect.  I then moved my external drive to a USB 2.0 connection on my desktop and I am not experiencing any problems.  Both laptop and desktop are running Win 10.  I went thru all the system menus to make sure both machines were configured the same (where they could be).


              For those following, the conclusions may suggest:


              Running a USB hub may not be optimal.  (in fact, initially I was running a hub off of a hub off of the mother board - i.e. chain of 2 hubs)

              My PC may have USB 3.0 issues

              LR may have issues with USB 3.0.  If so, this would have surfaced long ago I would think.

              My PC may have a virus.  I have done several scans with no virus hits.  I haven't yet but plan to look at the registry to see if there is some bogus item there.


              While running on the laptop, I built standard previews of about 31,000 photos (after erasing the previews folder).  It took almost 2 complete days but didn't crash.


              I am currently making a copy of my catalog and photos on another external drive.  Both hooked up USB 2.0 on the desktop.  It has been running for over 2 hours and shows 9 more hours to go.  Approx 480 gig to copy.  So far the copy is going fine.


              If any of this is something you have dealt with, please let me know.