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    Do we have GPU graphic acceleration in Indesign CC with the PC?

    mrmister1 Level 1

      Hi, I am using Indesign CC 2015 and I don't know if Adobe supported the GPU acceleration for the PC. I've read some documents from Adobe and I think the graphic acceleration is only available in Macs... however, I am a bit confused... because I use Illustrator and the graphic acceleration works wonderful, it is a rocket... superfast, superbeautiful... so I am not very sure why we do not have graphic acceleration in Indesign CC and if Adobe plan to add graphic acceleration in the next versions.

      As a remark, I am experiencing a lag of 1 second every time I drag pictures in the pages... this seems to be minimal... but beleive me... when you are working fast... you don't feel comfortable, you feel it is slow.

      In QuarkXpress 2015 I don't have this lag... pictures go superfast.

      However, Quark is not an option for me. Indesign CC is extremely better in many areas, the interface organization, the way it works... seriously, I prefer Indesign a lot. If I have to use Quark, okay, I use it, but if may I choose, always Indesign.

      So I was worried about the GPU thing and if we would have this for the PC someday?