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    Adobe Acrobat Text to Speech(TTS) Help and Problems

    AdobeUser4232 Level 1

      I'm having problems with Adobe Acrobat DC.


      Is there a way for Text to Speech to skip certain paragraphs of the page and then have it read the 'rest of the entire page' or 'rest of the entire document?  I having a hard time resuming the Text to Speech where I lay off or when I want to skip reading diagrams/figures of the section of that page.



      Problems with Acrobat Reader DC:

      The Document is 1000 Pages.


      Also I'm having problems with the Text to Speech.  When I Activate Text to Speech and use Read Entire Page or Read Entire Document, the Text to Speech moves several pages back and then reads.  It doesn't read the page I'm currently on, which is a big problem. Is it a bug?


      Also when Text to Speech starts reading it sometimes mysteriously freezes or (crash?) when I try to look at other pages.  It says 'Converting scanned page to searchable images', freezes, and the process bar keeps rewinding.  How do I fix and solve the problem or maybe prevent the problem?  What does 'Converting scanned pages to searchable images' mean?