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    Dynamic Flash

      I should say at the outset that I am a Flash newbie and a reluctant one at that - client requirements force me to create an RIA version of our normal client application.

      Flash/Flex sound like a great way to create "rich" interfaces in applications distributed on the internet and yet retain a consistent and "windows-like" look and feel. However, it is not wholly clear to me that I can do the following

      a. Create a whole set of controls - panels, edit boxes, my own subclassed controls... - at run time.

      b. Do the reverse - dynamically remove some/all controls at run time and/or hide/disable them. The latter I suspect is not to difficult using Java(Action)Script code but the former I am not too sure about. In normal Javascript I would simply use .remove()

      Also are there any really good books - I mean in the vein of O'Reilly, not the ones full of useless pretty pictures that require a forklift truck - that would offer comprehensive coverage of

      a. MXML
      b. ActionScript - the basics as well as object orientated programming

      Any help would be much appreciated.