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    Spawning Template Pages and going back to them

    nicolec26875103 Level 1

      Hi, - Please remember I am self taught in javascript and PDF Forms so I am just learning.


      I have created a form which has a menu with list of lets say, 10 questions, when you tick a checkbox for the first one - Yes, it spawns a template page.  On the template page, once they finish completing the form they click Menu, which takes them back to the menu.  I have made it so when they click completed, the checkboxes for that question hide, and a button shows that says edit.  How can I then get the edit button, to go back to that page?  (because depending on their answers, the form wont always have the same amount of pages and the pages wont always be in the same order.  If that makes any sense! - I tried a named destination, but when I hid the template page it took away the page number on the named destination and it no longer worked