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    How do i setup up my SSD and HDD for use with adobe premiere pro cc?


      Hi guys,


      I just bought a Samsung 850 pro 128gb SSD and i want to install it in my computer. What do i do?


      I'm currently working with an i5 windows computer and it only has a 1tb HDD and a 2gb GPU and a 8gb ram.


      do i reinstall my windows operating system and all the other softwares and drives on the SSD?

      or do i just put in the SSD and install the adobe in the SSD?

      as for the project scratch disks.. do i put all the captured footages from my dslr into the SSD or the HDD? as for the preview files can i put it in the SSD too?

      i just wanna make my previewing and rendering of the videos faster.


      How do i set my project settings after i'm done setting up my disks?


      I'm basically editing 1080 videos. haha!