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    Question about checkboxes


      I have a document I am creating that has a lot of checkboxes. How do you make the checkboxes a default size when you click in the tool bar? I want them to all be the same size. I keep having to resize them when I click on the checkbox icon. 

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          meenakshin83966505 Adobe Employee

          Hi gregoryc4325533,


          You can do the following things to create checkboxes of same size:


          • First create a check box of the size you want. Then right-click on it and select "Create Multiple Fields". This will create multiple fields of the same size and with different names, using a hierarchical naming scheme.


          • Right click the check box and select "Use Current Properties as new Defaults" and subsequent check boxes that you add will have the same size and other properties.


          • You can also add all the other check boxes without much care of their exact size. Then select all the check boxes either from the  tool pane at right using shift+ down arrow key or by using Ctrl+ click  and right click on the one that is of correct size, and select "Set field to Same Size > Both", and then adjust their positions, which can be helped by right-click > Align, Distribute or Center > [select an option]


          Let us know if this resolves your issue or you need an help.