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    Accidentally deleted Folders from LR


      I was deleting a bunch of old photos/folders, in my Lightroom 5.7 library. The last action I recall taking was to rename a folder, but then I suddenly noticed that my whole list of folders had disappeared.  The photos are still in their original file folders on my hard drive, and the but I'm guessing I deleted the LR catalog? Under the Catalog tab (on the left panel) it says "All photographs --19,075" which is probably about right. But under the next section called Folders, all my folders are gone. I looked for an "undo" action but didn't see one.  I did do a catalog backup before exiting earlier today, and I can also see thousands of things in my trash (I'm on a Macbook Pro.) So I assume I have everything I need to recover, but I need to know which types of files or folders to grab from the trash, and /or my backup files, and I need to know where to re-deposit them.  I have screen shots of everything I'm talking about here, but don't see a way to attach them.  Would sure appreciate some help, as I have a very detailed folder system I would like to recover!

      Thanks so much.