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    CFHTTP bizarre issue


      I have a page that has some code, then an update query to a table, and finally a call to a URL using CFHTTP. The URL being called contains a query pulling records from the same table as the initial page. This specific set of events hangs CF and I have to restart the service. If I change the table in the query of the second page being called, it runs ok. If I call the URL with CFHTTP on the initial page but without the first update query the process also runs ok.

      This is either something I'm not seeing or a really strange bug. Any help on this will be appreciated.

      Thank you.
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          Not knowing the database you're using, I'll go out on a limb here and say that your update statement isn't fully completing and still has the table locked. Your second page comes in and is blocking behind the update.
          In your first page, try adding a set of cftransaction tags to explicitly begin and commit the transaction and see if that clears things up.
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            gonz Level 1
            Hi, I had the whole thing within a transaction so I removed the overall transaction and just enclosed the first query within a transaction. It worked perfectly. Thank you. I should have specified more info when I posted. It's an SQL Server database with CF 8 on IIS 5.