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    List actual questions missed in quiz after quiz taken?

    dougdrury Level 1
      I have a client that I have created quite a few Presenter Stand Alone presentations with quizzes (30 questions each). The client is now asking for functionality that will show the student which questions they missed after they finish the quiz. In other words, once the quiz results page that shows number right, wrong, etc, comes up, how can I then show them the actual questions they missed?

      I know that when they are taking the quiz, Presenter will tell them they were right or wrong, plus shows the little red X or green check on the navigation bar... but my client is asking for a "Summary Page" after the quiz that shows what ones they got wrong, so that if they need to take the quiz again, they have some idea of what they need to study up on.

      This is a set of standalone presentations with no SCORM support.

      Any ideas or input would be greatly appreciated!