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    Full range signal from Blackmagic Ultrastudio clips in Ultrascope (Win10Pro-HP Z820)

    tristansummers Level 1

      Just checking there isn't some auto legal clipping set into AE's Mercury output, as I am monitoring full range test signals sent to BMD scopes in a MacPro 1.1 Yosemite and it is clipping to  legal 0-100% range.

      Now I know RGB is technically always 0-100% so maybe I am confused here. Surely an 8 bit 255 Red would show as 1024 in scopes and not 940?

      If I switch the Ultrastudio to RGB 444 it goes full range but the blacks go green so I guess this is wrong.

      Am I missing something here, as I want to legalise my animations and can't do that if the out put is clipped.

      Any advice?