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    Trying to recreate old SWF/Swiffy animation using Animate CC


      I have an older swf animation that has a few fireworks flashing around a graphic (can be seen at www.drexelfair.com)


      It was originally created by me a few years ago using swish4 (to create the SWF file) by bringing together several little animated gifs. It worked well for a while, and a couple of years ago I 'upgraded' the graphic by putting the SWF file through the Google Swiffy process, creating a html5 file.


      but now I am using the Creative Cloud, and I want to learn how to do this properly!


      So... I have a bunch of small animated gifs, a SWF file that won;t import, and a desire to create a simple animated header.


      Is it possible to import animated gifs into animate CC?


      Can I make the background transparent?


      How should I export it so I can use it on the web page?