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    snap to objetcs , snap to layers below


      Hi i'm using animate 2015.2 on win 7.

      I've edited my snapping preferences, turning OFF all the snapping.

      The only one active is the "snap to Objects" , the little magnet in the tool bar.

      I need to keep it activated in order to attach 2 lines when they are close. (with lines I mean lines created with the "Line Tool".)

      I have an issue when I try to move one of the corner of my line; it's "snap" to the artwork on the layer below.

      To avoid that, I need to disable temporary the  "snap to Objects" and later enable it again, but  this in slow down my workflow.

      Is there any way to tell animate to Ignore the layer below or above, and snap ONLY things on the actual layer where I am?

      I'v even try to lock the layer below but it doesn't change.

      any help please?