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    Indesign exporting huge pdfs with linked .psds and .jpegs


      If so, here's my issue. In the past, if I was say, building a deck for a digital campaign, I'd place the psds of the emails/banners etc. right into Indesign. This way it was simple to export my pdf for clients, and was also a good way to manage a whole group of elements. Now, when I export a pdf with placed psds, the file is huge. Even if the psd consists of one flattened image its still massive, and exporting with indesign can't compress the file enough. It seems to be an issue with photoshop more than anything, cause even when I save a psd to a jpeg it is huge. I can save for web, but that creates another step and has basically made layer comps useless as it doesn't export this way, so once again jpegs created via layer comps are huge. Make sense? Placing psds into Indesign was one of the best things to happen to my work flow and one of the features that made indesign great in the early days. Now that it I can't export usable pdfs, it's kinda ruined everything. Help!