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    Anyone else from DPC not getting their 10 free images a month?


      I had a membership at dollar photo club before Adobe Stock took over and, at the time, I was given an offer for a one year membership to Adobe for $9.99, which would include 10 photos/month and 99 cents per additional download.


      I redeemed this offer and for the last three months, I've been given no free downloads per month. I chatted with adobe via instant messenger and they are saying that the DPC plan doesn't come with 10 free images a month, when in fact the email states it does and the plan is literally named "Adobe Stock - 10 images a month for DPC members (one-year)."


      Anyone else having this issue with Adobe? If so, how did you resolve it? I've spent countless hours trying to get what I paid for and whenever I speak to  "customer service" via chat, they tell me that they have to move the ticket higher and that someone will get in touch.  No one ever does.