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    generic loader freezing animation

      here goes...

      I have written a few class files to handle movie clip loading into the flash movies that i author. one of which is a generic loader that holds a loading queue, another is a listener for a MovieClipLoader that has been initialized in the class file. here is my problem...
      I call a simple method from the timeline (named: addToQueue()) which adds a target movieclip and a url to the generic loader's queue. and tells it to begin loading if it isn't already loading something else. this is to keep things loading one at time. well, when anything is added to the queue in the timeline, the animation and onEnterFrame code set in the timeline freezes and waits for all loading to be completed. this is undesireable. I have a menu system that i would still want a user to be able to navigate while loading external items. I am using loadClip(), i have even tried just loading straight from the timeline without my class files. same problem.

      is the loadClip() method not threaded? does flash not support concurrent animation while loading in a .swf or .jpg?

      Please reply soon!

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          nak5ive Level 1
          Problem Solved.
          To everyone that has experienced some version of this issue, whether it be in previewing a load progress bar, or having animation freeze on you while loading external movie files...

          In test mode in flash, whether you are doing a simple test movie or debugging, loading progress appears to not be threaded and will freeze you movie until the load is complete. if you preview this movie clip in a browser after publishing it, everything should look ok.

          I've read a lot of posts about this same topic. Macromedia (or shall i say Adobe), fix this issue in your next release. what a pain...seriously. debugging is useless if the movie doesn't even run the same.

          very much relieved,