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    Question - Arranging File Management For After Effects, Please Help


      First time using Creative Cloud Setup,When you first install the client.

      In the Creative Cloud itself, there are 2 folder locations, one is App tab > INSTALL LOCATION, since I decided to use my C: drive for Applications, I chose C:\Program Files (it was initially set as default) is this the regular application's running folder itself ? (not the scratch disks, and or project files right?)


      Also in Creative Cloud client, there is Files Tab and there I chose my Raid 0 drive and created a folder there named 'Adobe' However wasn't sure what this folder supposed to hold ? can someone clarify what this setup do in Creative Cloud client for this folder?


      Regardless of Creative Cloud Client's initial above folder settings, I still want to setup Adobe After Effects "Scratch/Cache Files" on a specific different SSD I have (not c: drive)


      I also want to allocate all my media and project files to the Raid 0 ssds I have, so I wanted to ask if Would any of the initial folder setup with creative cloud overrides the actual Adobe After Effects settings? and in terms of my selection above, were my assumptions right? (in terms of program files and "files" location? and what should I do with After Effects itself to fine tune its folder options as planned?


      Thank you for your time reading and possibly responding,