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    redaction Using Javascript




      I am trying to create an automatic process for applying redaction based on absolute positions in my pdf documents. I am doing this by following these steps :


      1. Get the coordinates for the area needed to be redacted

      2. Pass those coordinates in a variable and using a for loop mark the subsequent pages for redaction.

      3. Saving them to a local folder


      However, i am facing a small issue here. I have 2 redaction marks in my document - 1 on the first page only, the other on all the subsequent pages. When I apply the second redaction it seems like its being applied only on the subsequent pages but when the process completes, I see the second redaction on page 1 as well.


      Any idea as to why this could be happening. I checked my for loop in the javascript and it seems to be logically correct. Following is the for loop I am using for marking the second redaction.


      for(var pg=1; pg<this.numPages; pg++)




        page: pg,

        quads: qda




      Any help would greatly be appreciated.


      Thanks in Advance !