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    Interactive PDF sizing issues


      I have created two interactive PDF cookbooks in inDesign, both the same dimensions- "digital publishing" and "iPad" page size.  The problem is that one of them, when viewed on an iphone, fills the screen completely (it's landscape orientation), and the other one has gray space at the top and bottom (portrait orientation).  For some reason, the landscape one is listed as 1024px x 768px, and the portrait one (that doesn't fill the cell phone screen) is listed in inches - 10.6667in x 14.222in.  Do you know why I'm having this issue of gray space at the top and bottom on one book and not the other?  Of course they both look fine on the iPad, it's just the cell phone with this issue.  Also, on another cell phone, it doesn't have the gray space, but it shows the top and bottom of the pages before and after.