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    circle always spinning in my lightroom moble

    willowtreestudio Level 1

      when i go to lightroom mobile on my iphone or ipad,the pictures in my collections =a good bit of them have spinning circles even though they have been fully brought in a while ago. They do this when  I am connected to the internet or when i am not. Isn't' the idea of mobile to have the picture there to be worked on and not have to wait for a circle to stop spinning. as i said these are pix that have been synced and already in mobile and happens on both devices everytime i go into lr mobile

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          greule Adobe Employee

          The spinning circle is shows as long Lr Mobile (LrM) is loading the Original or Smart Preview for one of your images.When the photo is not yet available on you mobile device Lr Mobile needs to download it from the server-side.  When you tab the i-icon at the top left you can see if the photo is still loading. To make this faster you can enable a collection for offline editing. With that all the needed Original (or smart preview) will be downloaded. When you have the Lr Mobile setting "Download full resolution" enabled, LrM will download the original if available at the back-end.


          Let me know if you see the spinning circle goes away when the photo is fully loaded.




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            willowtreestudio Level 1

            a big thank you Guido-i did not have the enable offline viewing on a couple of the collections-completely forgot about that. then after i enabled it -it told me it was downloading for offline but the circle still was working hard. i finally shut off my home internet and went to data figuring they were just small files and that brought them in fast. have no idea what is going on there as my internet seems to be working fine. finally, i turned off the internet entirely on the iPad and the pix come in fine with the circle spinning for just a second. again  thankyou