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    Scroll Wheel and Flash

    DVDmike Level 1
      I am not a Flash Developer, so I thought that I would go to the experts here on the Flash for to see what is the truth about the scroll wheel. I had someone develop a flash based web site for me and where we have text windows that need a vertical scroll bar the mouse wheel is disabled for the user. Since I am used to non-flash sites that always include a scroll wheel, I questioned the developer about why this functionality was not built in. The response was as follows:

      "The scroll wheel is in fact not a basic component at all for Flash sites. You
      would be hard pressed to find any Flash site that has scroll wheel capability."

      Since I am not a flash developer, I just wanted to hear from some developers if the above statement is true or not. Thank you for your assistance.
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          xchanin Level 2
          I can think of one site that I visit often, that uses the scroll wheel for the navigation: http://www.thefwa.com. I personally haven't developed any site in which the scroll wheel is used for navigation, but that doesn't mean that I won't; in fact, in my next project, there is going to be use for the scroll wheel.
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            DVDmike Level 1
            Thanks for the reply xchanin. That site you mentioned looks really well designed. The scroll wheel looks great, but it has a lot more functionality than what I am talking about with my site. I'm really looking to know if it is sstandar or not for Flash sites to have scroll wheel functionality wherever there is a veritcal navigation bar. And based on your reply, I think that I can read between the lines and infer that it is not standard to include a wheel operation in places where there is a vertical navigation bar.

            If this assumption is in fact accurate, why is this so? Does adobe just make it difficult to add this control or something?
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              Rothrock Level 5
              Actually it is fairly common in Flash and can be easily used. Sort of. There is some issue where Adobe felt that the techniques to access the scroll wheel shouldn't be included in the Flash player for Macintosh computers.

              About 6 years ago that kind of made sense since almost no Macs had a mouse with a scroll wheel. But there really is no excuse in this day and age for it to only be available on Windows machines.

              So if you expect that any of your users will be using Macs I would suggest not to rely on it. But there is no reason it shouldn't be included as a benefit for other users.
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                xchanin Level 2
                You're right, it isn't a standard practice to use the scroll wheel in a Flash site, but I'm sure using the mouse wheel will eventually become more and more common place in Flash sites. I say this only because it is so easy to scroll through a site or a list of items using the wheel, as opposed to searching for some 'magic' button or navigation over to the right to grab the scroll-bar; I think people have become very accustomed to how quick and easy it is to use the mouse wheel and you will surly see it in more Flash based websites. However, one of the very cool things about Flash is the endless possibilities there are for finding new and improved ways of navigation. Well anyway, my two cents.
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                  DVDmike Level 1
                  Rothrock, do you have any examples of basic flash sites that utilize the scroll wheel for windows users?
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                    DVDmike Level 1
                    I am sure that the wheel will become more popular with mac users too. But most of my clients are windows users who are already accustomed to using the wheel for scrolling. My flash developer wants to charge me a lot to add this functionality to a very few pages. If it is non-standard and difficult to program in the flash environment, I would just assume leave it alone. But if its easy, I might want to put more pressure on them to either add it or loose me as a customer.

                    I think that it has been well over a decade since I have regularly been using the wheel and the right click button on all of my windows apps. This functionality might be the only functionality where Windows users have had the lead for quite some time. But I think that its time that Macs and Flash catch up on this one.
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                      Rothrock Level 5
                      I believe it is built into all the Flash components. So any site that makes use of those. And your designer is probably right that it isn't included in a lot of custom site, but mostly due to laziness.

                      I don't do anything with it because I am mostly a Mac person. So I can't really even find you a site at the moment. I do use a Windows machine at work.

                      I have seen it somewhere for zooming.