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    Getting Edge Animate 2015 to work with Terminal 4 CMS

    johnb28283767 Level 1

      I've created a small animation in Edge and I'm trying to get it to work within the content of a page using Terminal 4 CMS.

      • I opened the html file that Edge generated and copied the Edge Runtime section (<!–Adobe Edge Runtime—>, and<! –Adobe Edge Runtime End—>) to the html editor within my CMS.
      • Then I copied the div element <(div id=”Stage” class=”EDGE-15840723″></div>) and pasted this into the html editor of my CMS.
      • I created a new directory and add all the files and folders that Edge generated from publishing, but the CMS I'm using is quite old and I can't upload any files to the root folder, therefore it can't be in the same folder as the index.html.


      Is there another way I can get this to work? There seems to be too many limitations with CMS when trying implement Edge animations. I naively thought it would've been a simple case of hosting the files anywhere.  then pasting into the web page via CMS a bit of html code containing url's for the files :-/


      Really, really appreciate any help guys