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    Find layer inside trim

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      We have some application with different layers. The requirement is Layer 1 only allowed inside the trim other layers (Layer 2 & 3) is not allowed inside the trim (those layer & fram comes at slug) . But in the applications Layer 2 & 3 comes inside the trim in some place. Could you please help me to find the layers (Layer 1 and Layer 2) if present inside the trim.


      Indesign CS6, Windows.

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          Migintosh Level 4

          Click the eyeball icons to turn the layers off. Then, turn Layer 1 on and see if anything is outside of the trim. If it is, and you don't want it there, Move it or edit its shape until it is all within the trim. Then you can turn Layer 1 off and turn on Layer 2. If anything is within the trim, and you don't want it there, you can fix it the same way. Same with Layer 3. If you need more control, click the arrow next to the layer name, and it will expand to show an eyeball for each item within the layer, which you can show or hide by clicking its eyeball icon.