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    Canon xf300 MFX file read as corrupted. Initially was able to use files now they won't work. any ideas?


      I recently bought a canon xf-300 for the 4:2:2 color space. Initially all went great and I was able to use the files without difficulty. Then I opened a project that had worked previously and rendered no problem and AE stated that the file was corrupt or unreadable. I loaded new footage from a fresh CF card and received the same result. I don't know if I will loose the color space if I convert the file to AVI. The MFX files work fine in premiere pro but I want to use AE. Any ideas? Thanks so much for looking.

      Mainly green screen work

      System Dell 3600

      Windows 8.1

      CS-6  AE version

      If it is any relevance Adobe acrobat X stopped working at the same time.