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    Dollar photo club migration missing images


      I migrated from dollar photo club and saw that I have 111 photos remaining for download. However, now all 111 of them have disappeared from the bar number of remaining photos. When I tried to download some photos, Adobe required me to purchase them.


      I have already logged in and out of my Adobe account, and cleared my Google Chrome cache but to no avail.


      Can I get my these back as I've already paid for them under dollar photo club?


      Thank you.

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          Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

          Hi theblackspyder


          There are currently 110 available licenses in your account.  1 image was licensed today.


          We have an issue where the license count is not showing up on stock.adobe.com but you will still be able to license standard images using your credits.


          If you are being asked to purchase an image please could you provide the image number and screenshot.


          Kind regards



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            DollarPhotoClub Migration Issue-

            Process has glitch -

            1.Login to dollarphoto and transfer images

            2.Login to Adobe Account

            3.Asks you to confirm dollarphoto credentials - when you do, it says invalid -( instead there should be a link here to take you to adobe stock)

            4.Since no link then solution is to go to stock.adobe.com and if logged in you will see your image credit at top.