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    Flex and SOAP WebService Issue

    phillipus_rex Level 1
      I am trying to connect to a .NET SOAP webservice with the WebService class in Flex. It has SOAPHeaders, and here is what I am using:

      //*********************** These are the SOAP headers **********************************

      private var header1:SOAPHeader;

      private function headers():void
      //Create QName and SOAPheader objects
      var q1:QName = new QName(" http://soapinterop.org/xsd", "Header1");
      header1 = new SOAPHeader(q1, {string:"userName", string:"password"});


      trace("soap headers work");

      //*********************** End SOAP headers **********************************

      It looks like my headers are getting through, but I when I click a button that is connected to a getData() function, I get a generic: " Server.Error.Request" error from the Flash Player.

      I used Firebug to try and determine what is wrong, and I saw that when the POST is called, I get back a .NET error message that says: "The magic number in GZip header is not correct. Make sure you are passing in a GZip

      Any ideas????????