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    Lightroom Catalog duplicates entries




      I have just moved my Lightroom 2015.6 CC to a new computer running Windows 10.  My catalogue is hierarchical on dates - so folders for year, subfolders for month, then day.  Some day folders have RAW subfolders - JPEGs living in the main sub-folder.  Initially it all worked fine, but opening LR today I find that the catalogue is showing every image in all the folders above in the heirarchy - so the folder for the month shows every jpeg and RAW file for the month, which are duplicated in the subfolders.  The same in the year folder, and the same in the catalogue root folder.


      The image files themselves are not duplicated.


      How do I stop this happening, so in the catalogue each folder shows only files in that folder - and not in the sub folders?


      Vince Cunningham