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    Cannot sync photo added to collection on Lightroom Mobile iOS 2.4 (with latest RAW support)




      I have the following sync problem:


      1. I have created new event collection using Lightroom desktop and added some photos from my DSL
      2. Then synced this collection with my latest Lightroom Mobile iOS 2.4 (latest with RAW support)
      3. Using LR Mobile added some additional event photos captured by my iPhone to the same previously synced collection
      4. It seemed that everything worked ok ... the new photo has been added to the collection on LR Mobile, it is also visible in LR Web ... but
      5. ... when I start LR Desktop it tries to sync this 1 photo indefinitely ... it never stops and my LR Desktop is syncing .. syncing .. syncing ... showing "Sync 1 photo"


      When I create new collection from my LR Mobile (and not desktop first) and then add photo ... then everything works ok .. but its not I would like to have. The ideal situation is when I normally process most photos from event coming e.g. from my DSLR and then could add to the same collection some additional shots from iPhone directly in LR Mobile so it could show up back in LR Desktop collection together with DSLR photos.


      Any help will be highly appreciated.