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    Problem with full resolution new on latest LR Mobile 2.4 for iOS / Possible bug

    alexm99700478 Level 1



      I have the following problem with the latest LR Mobile 2.4. for iOS (with RAW support).


      1. I have added RAW photo from my DSLR using my iPad


      2. It works ok, synced and shows up in the LR Mobile


      3. .... but when I try to show or edit it in LR I noticed that it is JPG version ... typical JPG artifacts can be seen when zoomed, etc. Photo info says that original photo has been loaded!


      4. The interesting thing is that when I use 3 finger gesture to show not modified photo .. and then again with to the modified version .. suddenly  LR Mobile loads correct original RAW version without those artifacts which I can zoom in much more and work with like with RAW photo.


      5. It's a little frustrating that every time when I want to see or work with original RAW version I need to use 3 finger gesture first. It seems like some kind of bug for me.


      6. It is the same behavior both on iPhone and iPad.


      Any help appreciated!