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    InDesign file wont open / Corrupt?




      I have been working on a catalogue for a while now, my indesign file was getting to around 300 MB - I'd backed this file up recently on an external hard drive which melted and died, more importantly I cannot open the master file on my PC which is the only file I now have. I will open the file in indesign and I notice on PC it will just freeze and show a loading ring where the mouse should be but I left this going for 5 hours and nothing, I manually quit out of indesign and then open and it then tries to recover that file, but also gets stuck at a certain point. On a Mac there is a progression bar at least but this gets around 80% and then gets stuck every time. I'm guessing this files corrupt in some way or that a small part of it is stopping me from opening it properly. This is a project which is due in soon and I've literally not got any work to show :S  I've tried Stellar Phoenix indesign repair which has just been running for about 4 hours doing nothing but make my mac get really hot and am now totally out of options, can any one help moi??


      Best regards!