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    Lightroom Mobile latest update with RAW import doesn´t work correctly?

    look it´s moving!



      I updated my Lightroom Mobile to the latest version, and tried to import the RAW files to my Ipad.

      The files come from a Fujifilm X Pro2.

      I have imported the  images to the camera roll and then into Lightroom Mobile.


      When I zoom in to the images i discover that they are blurred, and the Image quality is poor, nothing like a RAW image.

      Info on the Images say Its a RAW image.

      On the camera roll of the Ipad the images look nice and sharp.


      By accident I discovered that when "reseting" the image to import settings (in lightroom mobile) suddenly brings all the quality and sharpeness back to the image!

      Very strange


      Has anybody had the same issue?


      Warm regards