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    Text frame within text frame that continues to next page


      Dear Community!


      I am working on a Indesign CS5.


      I want to use text frames within text frames to differentiate certain sections of text. I need the "inner" text frames to flow along with the "main" text frame. Is this possible?


      The problem is that these text frames do not automatically "follow along" with the main text frame to the next page. See screenshot 1 for example of problem. As you can see at bottom of left page the text in the "inner" text frame does not flow onto the next page.Screen Shot 1.png


      See screenshot 2 for example of what I would like it to look like. I had to make this with two separate inner text frames. This will ofcourse cause a trouble when I start adding a moving text in the "main" text frame.

      Screen Shot 2.png


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.