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    Indesign scaling problem

    Koos Verdegaal

      Since the latest update to InDesign 2015.4, I'm having trouble with scaling groups (see attached video).


      I suspect it has something to do with GPU support (or the lack thereof), can anybody clarify this for me?






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          Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

          A list of system requirements is at System requirements for Adobe InDesign CC for Mac and Windows OS

          If you have the correct system requirements, then it is possible that there is a problem with the installation of InDesign. Perhaps you are already aware that Adobe has a Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool that can be used to fix problem installations. I've had to use it a few times. Use the Adobe Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems

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            jocstone_me Level 1

            Hi Koos, have you a solution by now? At work we have 1 iMac with the same issue, although this is a newer machine than yours.

            3,4 Ghz Intel Core i7

            16 GB 1333 Mhz DDR3

            AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 MB

            On this Machine it is also not possible to enable GPU in Indesign.

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              Koos Verdegaal Level 1

              I've checked on a similar iMac (also without GPU support) and had no issues there; scaling works fine.


              So I'm pretty sure a bug in the latest update is causing this issue.

              I'd use the CC Cleaner Tool as described above, I haven't tried it yet myself cause it seems like quite the hassle.


              If you're the first to do so, let me know how it turns out!

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                Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I wouldn't call it a bug. You're selecting individual groups and individual objects and then asking to scale them.


                It's scale each item individually.


                Select All -> then scale the group of objects.


                Ungroup if you wish.


                If you are using items on different layers - make sure to go to the layers panel and select the option to remember layers for the grouped objects.

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                  Koos Verdegaal Level 1

                  I would call this a bug, because previous versions of InDesign did not scale items separately while combined in a group (at least, not visible) and I don't think it qualifies as a new feature.


                  Not only the separate groups, but even all separate items within the groups, scale individually. You can see this clearly in the 'snowflake' in my video; despite this being one group, all individual shapes scale separately before becoming one group again.


                  But the real problem isn't the combined or separate scaling itself, it's the loss of time.

                  As you can see in the video, this simple scaling command took over 10 secons to complete!

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                    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    You've copy and pasted or created complex vectors into InDesign.


                    In my experience, complex vectors pasted in or created in InDesign can cause the program to become slugish.


                    It's usually best to Place the file. Save it as an InDesign file - and place that in layouts.


                    Or perhaps export it to a PDF and then place that PDF into other documents.


                    However, if you're copying and pasting from Illustrator or another vector format into InDesign, I'd suggest that you save it from the original application and then place that compatible file into InDesign.



                    I feel your pain.


                    I Placed over 50 icon files into InDesign and that page runs very slow. I had to create another document and place that into the layout to speed up performance.

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                      Koos Verdegaal Level 1

                      I agree that complex vectors cause problems, but that is not what's happening here.


                      In the next video you see some simple blocks created in InDesign, so there's no 'external noise'.

                      Although there's less delay, the scaling problem obviously still occurs.


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                        Koos Verdegaal Level 1

                        And there's more... in this video I'm double-clicking the corners there to resize the textbox.


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                          jocstone_me Level 1

                          It is a bug or something like that, I know placed vectors are not always the best to use, but in our case it was a very simple logo.

                          Prior to this update there is no problem with this scaling. On the machine we have the trouble, we've had to put the older version of indesign back using Time Machine.

                          The GPU support in general in Indesign is not stable, on a more recent machine with 2GB VRAM and OpenGL 4.1, it is also impossible to enable GPU… strange.

                          Schermafbeelding 2016-08-10 om 15.16.47.pngSchermafbeelding 2016-08-10 om 15.17.02.png


                          On my own machine (iMac Retina 5K) I had huge stability problems with that newest update, continu crashes, not able to open certain documents, freezing,…. After 4 hours I too went back to the previous version.

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                            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                            The GPU performance will only engage with a compatible card. So you should get the same performance as before.


                            You didn't have to use Time Machine to roll back, you can do that with Creative Cloud - Install a previous version of any Creative Cloud application


                            In the InDesign Preferences there are options for Display Performance, and setting this to Delayed rather than Immediate or vice versa can help.

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                              jocstone_me Level 1

                              okay, so the use of TimeMachine was not so bright…

                              I will uninstall now my current version and install the newest one again and try to tweak the display performance…

                              I'll keep you updated…

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                                jocstone_me Level 1

                                So, I've installed the newest version now and did some testing…

                                In our case I found the problem and solution.

                                The key thing about workspaces is to save them and use them, however, for one dark reason, these workspaces cause the problem.

                                If others with the same issue would like to try this:

                                Choose one of the default workspaces available in Indesign and try to trigger the scaling "bug". It should be working fine.

                                Then re-organize your panels and shortcuts at will and create a new workspace.

                                Whenever I tried to switch to any of my "old" workspaces, the scaling issue pops up again…

                                Also, when using a "bad" workspace, hiding all panels except the upper bar (shift-tab) the problem is gone…

                                I have tested this on multiple machines, all with the latest Indesign but all with different hardware and all have the same issue/solution.

                                All machines have 1 thing in common, that is the use of a second display where the panels are on.

                                Now I've tried to order my panels again like I've used to and… the problem is back!

                                (I am writing this piece of poetry as I am testing things out)


                                I found the guilty one!!

                                When the "Info" panel is visible, the problem occurs.

                                When the "Info" panel is closed, the problem is gone.

                                So, a bug in the info panel.

                                Can anyone try to replicate this?

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                                  Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  If anyone does confirm this for you then go to the bug reporting page. Feature Request/Bug Report Form

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                                    jocstone_me Level 1

                                    Here's an example…

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                                      Koos Verdegaal Level 1

                                      I just tried this, and you are absolutely right!

                                      Amazing, I would never have come up with this myself.


                                      Many thanks to you, and I will post a bug report on the report forum.

                                      Thanks again!

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                                        Paragraphix Level 1

                                        Also the Information panel itself is a bit bugy.. if you hide the Options and then click inside of a Text frame with the Text-Tool and then select an object again.. It cuts off the information.


                                        So there must be something wrong with it..


                                        Bildschirmfoto 2016-08-11 um 12.37.09.png


                                        @Koos Verdegaal

                                        maybe you could include this in your report?

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                                          jocstone_me Level 1

                                          Same here…

                                          Schermafbeelding 2016-08-11 om 13.22.21.png

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                                            Barbara Ash Adobe Community Professional

                                            Nice work, jockstone_me!

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                                              Good morning, I had the same problem in InDesign 2017. I adopted your solution and it works !!! Great !!! Thanks so much!!!

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                                                tjackl Level 1

                                                Thank You for this! My Indesign suddenly started acting strangely last week (on a newly restored 2009 Mac Pro)... When scaling an image, the image and frame would jitter and bounce spasticly... same would happen when I click a text frame to fit the frame to the text. None of them were grouped. I've never had this issue before. I closed out the info panel, and it was back to normal!