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    iOS Distribution


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      We are trying to deploy the app on iOS, the Development version works including UDID devices. When I create a provisioning profile and create the .ipa using build.phonega.com when the app is installing at the end displays the message "Unable to download the app. Right now you can not install "'App Name'" and does not end the process.



      So for distribution of iOS app you have to uso a development profile linking devices using its UDID or use a license "Apple Developer Enterprise Program" with the Distribution profile?



      Under the terms of licensing the "Apple Developer Enterprise Program" serves to distribute exclusively to your employees, that is not the case, since it is for another client.



      I do not understand the complexity of the distribution, and no longer know if it's a phonegap limitations or an Apple restrictions or... of course because I am doing something wrong.



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          VectorP Level 4

          In order to create a test .ipa, you need a development certificate and a development .mobileprovision. This should include the device ID's (UDID) of the test devices.

          Make sure you don't use the UDID as provided by the phone itself (usually starts with 'FF'), because that's a fake ID. Instead, connect your device to Xcode or iTunes (for Windows) and read the UDID as presented in that software.


          For distribution through iTunesConnect, you need a distribution cert and AppStore .mobileprovision (rebuild with these key files), which doesn't include any device ID's.