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    Bullet list within paragraph rules




      I created a pretty neat paragraph style a few years back, "Notes bulleted" with the word 'Notes:' followed by a list of bullets underneath, all between a rule above and rule below. Cannot for the life of me remember how I achieved it, the closest I've got is by using soft returns but even then, it's not right. I've tried importing the paragraph style, I've tried mimicking the style by flicking back and forth through the paragraph options from each file and both don't work.


      Something is telling me I had to select the above rule on, for the first line, below rule on for the for the last line and both rules off for anything in-between but can't remember where I did these things. Apologies, I've been out of the InDesign game for a few years but very much back in it now – can anyone help?


      Bullet in rules.PNG