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    Importing Annotations with JavaScript?


      Can anyone help me with batch importing annotations from an fdf to a pdf.


      My workflow is as follows:


      - I have multiple folders containing a single pdf file with annotations.


      - I use the following code in an Action to extract the annotations:


      /* Export FDF */



      - The result of the above is that I have the following files in each folder:





      - I then replace the old pdf with a new version. This file is named exactly the same as the old one.


      - The final step would be to import the the fdf annotations to the new pdf file.


      I am aware of importAnFDF but whenever I try to use it I get asked to browse to the fdf file.


      My guess is that I need to get the file path for the import to take the current pdf document path and replace .pdf extension with .fdf.


      Is this possible at all and if so any pointers would be really appreciated?