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    Better (more modern) looking file browser window?

      I have used FileIO and Buddy Api to make a interface where user copies files to the projector. However, the file browser window looks old, and it would be great to have a more modern looking Windows file browser which has option to view pictures as thumbnails. Is there any other options available, some other xtras?
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          Chunick Level 3
          Considering FileIO and BuddyAPI both access the OS-specific dialog for File Open, the question to ask is what OS are you using?
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            marac65336 Level 1
            I'm using XP, but I haven't seen similar file browser anywhere except when inserting new fonts. I'm looking for a file browser which would be similar to Director's "Import" file browser.

            The current Buddy Api / FileIO file browser is also very small and it would be easier to use if it was bigger.
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              Level 7
              I do not use FileIO, so I can't tell you about how it works, but
              BuddyAPI has many, many flags with options to change how the dialog
              boxes look and work. You can make it look like any of the built in
              Windows dialogs.

              baGetFilename() for example, with no switches will look like the old Win
              3.1 16 bit dialog. If you add in the appropriate switches, you can get
              the 32 bit style, with Places bar, Explorer style, etc.

              If you are using D11 with BuddyAPI 4, then there is even
              baGetFilenameEx() which will let you change the view of the folders, so
              you can have it in thumbnail view if you want.

              Check the docs for syntax and examples.