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    I am still having issues when I have a ebook from my library that was on a waiting list

    susanm27423137 Level 1

      I had been having issues on ADE on ebooks from my library that had been on hold & when ready I plugged the nook into the computer & downloaded the when I was on ADE - one worked yesterday & the 2 this morning are giving me(on my nook when I click on the book) a Error message saying item has been returned.  I looked a  few links & see that the older version of ADE works better on older nooks(mine is older a simple touch) should I uninstall ADE in the control panel then download it again and if I do this how can I get the older version? this morning I did erase authorization & then authorize(did not help)-I have tried this on google chrome & internet explorer.  IF I UNINSTALL ADE & then download it again CAN I STILL USE MY SAME EMAIL ADDRESS & PASSWORD I AM USING ON ADOBE DIGITAL EDITIONS?