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    Crop/resize clip


      How can I crop or and resize a clip in a video? By accident I captured some things in the corner of one video that I need to crop away.

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          petergaraway Adobe Employee



          At this time Clip does not have that feature. What you can do is, edit your project in Clip and then tap the 'Share' button and select 'Send to Premiere Pro' and make any further changes there including cropping or resizing your video.


          Keep on the lookout for future versions.




          Peter Garaway

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            Cropping a video is super easy. No one on this forum points to this cropping tool.....


            Click on your video in your timeline. Go to your EFFECTS Tab > VIDEO EFFECTS>TRANSFORM>CROP........

            Either Double Click on CROP or drop it into your clip


            In your EFFECTS CONTROL WINDOW you now have the options to adjust all 4 sides of the video in a Percentage amount that you want.

            Simply add the percentage amount, OR, put your curser over the %, hold the button down and move your mouse left/right to decrease or increase that parameter... there's also a zoom option underneath for a nice effect when needed

            Hope this helps!!!

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              petergaraway Adobe Employee

              Thanks for the response JO but this user is referring to Premiere Clip our Mobile editing app, not Premiere Pro.




              Peter Garaway