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    problems with Prem El 14 with 4k rendering export and saving ...can 2 video cards on the laptop  be causing the problems??

    provlima Level 1

      Was having problems editing 4k videos with an old i5 laptop with on board memory and recently  purchased what I thought would be a better video editing laptop.  The ASUS GL552VX  laptop has an i7 6700 processor, a solid state OS drive, 16GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GTX 960m video card with 4GB memory


      Sadly I have been having frustrating  problems editing 4k Videos on the ASUS and exporting to 4k with my new setup.  It seems to work well with 1080 media


      When I try to export the edited  4k media on the  timeline it will not save or export but just indicates it is saving but a 4 minute video does not even start  saving /rendering let alone  exporting after one hour.  I finally thought I had success today but it stopped saving at 93% while exporting.


      In reviewing similar past 4k problems posted on  this  forum,our resident expert ,  AT Romano  advises that the 960M will not be of much help with Premiere Elements 14 and that the NVIDIA card may actually be causing a problem because of  the second "onboard"  mother board video card on the ASUS.  There is little other info on this except a mention that switching off one of the video cards may be  of help.

      If Mr.  Romano or any other knowlefgable users or experts can shed some lite on  my 4k problems it would greatly be appreciated