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    Import dialogue hangs when external HDD attached - Lightroom CC 2015.6




      Looking for some help.


      Lightroom is hanging when trying to import photos via the import dialogue.


      I have installed the latest version of Lightroom CC (2015.6) for Mac, and I understand that previous versions had an import bug but that this was already resolved in 2015.6.


      I was able to isolate the problem to my external HDD. I bought an WD thunderbolt Duo Raid drive and loaded it with photos.  When it is disconnected, there is no issue with importing. When it is connected, the import hangs.


      Could it be that Lightroom is trying to read every photo on the external HDD and gets overloaded? How can I resolve this?


      The HDD is functional with Finder and my other applications, just not Lightroom.


      I don't believe that I had this problem in the last LR version.