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    After Effects 2015.3 takes long to open, leaves running processes after closing


      My AE 2015.3 is taking very long to start up. It gets to the "Initializing MediaCore" message on the splash screen then hangs there for 1-3minutes. It also opens a ton of "Adobe After Effects 2015.3" tasks in the task manager, leaving them running even after I quit the program.


      Here's what my task manager looks like right now (no AE running)



      So far what I did was:

      1. Uninstalled all Adobe software, including the Adobe CC panel

      2. Uninstalled any 3rd party plugins, scripts and presets

      3. Manually removed all adobe folders - full cleanup

      4. Re-installed AE and a few other programs


      (all that with rebooting in between).


      No difference.