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    AE Slow to load

    peterc6433804 Level 1

      When attempting to start Ae CC 2015.3 it loads into the background and does not become active for around 5 minutes.

      Once it starts there are no noticeable problems. A running Ae consumes only around 3% of memory.

      The total amount of memory used by all processes (including Ae) is 11%.  The total load on the CPU (including Ae) is around 10%.

      The SSD usage is minimal.

      After exiting  a successful Ae session and restarting there are no problems.

      OS is MS10 64 bit version.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          We honestly can't know. Your post is way too generic to make any sense of it and well, it almost definitely has nothing to do with AE. This is quite likely a driver crash loop, a maissing device driver or a crooked setting on your system. Check your system logs.