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    Display New Text in Panel Extension




      I am working on my first Panel Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014. But I'm running into some problems.


      Here's what I am trying to do:


      • User submits a number (this is done through a HTML form)
        • i.e. <form>
        •       <input id="user_input">
        •       <input id="button" class="submit" onClick="myFunction();">
        •       </form>
      • I then use JavaScript that will perform an AJAX request which will pull a JSON object from a server (I have successfully pulled this information)
      • Then use JSX to display this information in the premiere panel.

      Here's where I'm getting caught up:

      • How in the world do I update a panel's HTML to display my new information?


      I cannot figure out how to use extendscript to display new information to an HTML panel. If someone could give me a simple example of how to achieve this that would be awesome!


      Thank you