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    Font Issue on 2 computer


      Hello all,


      I have 2 PC one at home one at work both run on Windows 10 x64. When I installed the fonts the first time I copied the fonts from one pc into the other using a flash drive.


      Here is my problem most of the fonts have a different name  either TT or OTF and it's driving me crazy to say the least every time i do some work at home and take my work to the office I have to find each and every single font and vice versa. I tried changing the name inside the font folder but that didn't work I also put all my font onto our NAS system and reinstalled both machine with the same font but that didn't work either.


      Any suggestions please


      thank you

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is possibly caused by having multiple copies of fonts with the same name, or possibly by not letting Windows install the font properly if you simply copied the files to the fonts folder. It may help to delete any adobefnt*.lst files where * is a two-digit number.

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            philippanmei Level 4

            This things happen frequently to me, I've a symbol (OTP) fonts installed in my system but I need TT fonts of symbol. So, I install it the Symbol TT fonts it ask me to replace the OTP one and I'd hit replaced but after already everything I checked it again but the fonts OTP still there, I didn't find the replace fonts TT of it.

            Its really make irritating. So, I deleted the symbol (OTP) fonts and reinstalled the symbol TT, Now its really give me smooth faces, I really enjoyed it.

            I mean if you have installed the fonts already in system delete it and install the latest one what you are trying to installed.

            In my opinion it is the problem of fonts OTP and TT.