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    Lightroom Mobile Photos Disappear after Sync


      I started a collection of over 200 photos that I imported into and edited in Lightroom Mobile on iPad.  I then later opened Lightroom on OS X and allowed the photos to sync from mobile to desktop.  Only 16 of the original 200 photos came through.  I tried to get the sync to continue, but non of the other photos would come through.  I then went back to look at the collection on my iPad and the photos that had not synced to Lightroom desktop disappeared from the iPad collection.  It seems that for some reason, the desktop Lightroom took over the sync and only allowed for those 16 photos to be synced and removed the rest of the pictures that had not synced.  After I contacted Adobe support, they decided that the syncing mechanism was now working properly and since I never deleted any photos there must have been a syncing "glitch" and offered no other help.  Does anyone know what may have caused this or how these deleted pictures can be recovered?


      OS X 10.11.5

      Lightroom 2015.6

      iOS 9.3.2

      Lightroom Mobile v. 2.4.0