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    Check box labels disappear and box colour changes when exported to interactive PDF

    arneberg1 Level 1

      I've made an InDesign document that contains two simple text boxes: One containing the word "Yes" - the other containing the word "No". The background colour of both boxes are defined as 100% Cyan. After doing so, I've converted both of them to check boxes [ see 1) in illustration below].


      But when exported as interactive PDF, the background colour of the boxes changes to 17/11/0/0 and the "Yes" and "No"-labels are not visible in the exported PDF [ see 2) in illustration below].


      However, when clicking on the check box in Acrobat, the check box regains its original 100% cyan colour and label as well as check mark appears [ see 3) in illustration below].


      But when I click on an empty space outside the check box, the box label disappears again, and the background colour changes back to 17/11/0/0 [ see 4) in illustration below].


      My intention is that when viewing the document in Acrobat Reader, check boxes appear 100% Cyan with the labels "Yes" and "No" visible, and when clicking on either one of them, the check mark appears, and background colour stays 100% Cyan and the label(s) remain visible - also when clicking outside the box afterwards.


      Am I doing something wrong, or is it a software glitch?


      I would appriciate any tips and tricks on how to obtain my objective. Thanx in advance!