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    Error 201: Continuously showing Fixed! Adobe After Effects


      Now, probably most of you, were or are like how I used to be. Or, you just discovered this annoying Error 201 message today. Well, if you are like me then you were searching everywhere on the internet for a solution. Although, many staff members say it will be because of your internet connection, firewall, etc. I have tried every single suggestion such as:

      -Disabling the Windows firewall, anti-virus blocker, blah blah,

      -Creating another windows user,

      -Running the, 'AdobeCreativeCloudCleanerTool''

      -Creating special rules for the firewall,

      -And turning off Wifi and connecting it by a cable.


      Absolutely NONE of these "solutions" worked. The Installations just stayed at 1%, or, %50.


      Although I finally have found a solution, after hours and hours or searching and retrying to install it, I thank god for the creator of this solution. It FINALLY worked, unlike all the staff members' suggestions!

      Here is the original post: Everytime i try to download the creative cloud, i keep getting an error messege with error205.

      You may think I am trying to copy, but really, what I want to do is spread the word so it's more easier to find for everyone else who experiences this problem.


      This is what I did: Very simple!


      1) Open the download page for Photoshop Elements, here:


      Do not download anything. Just simply leave the page open. Even if Photoshop is not the application you wish, just leave the page open.


      2) Download the full Creative Cloud Desktop that is compressed in a zip file, here:



      3) Move the file to your desktop when finished downloading.


      4) Unzip it by right clicking the .zip file and hover over "Z-Zip". Then, click either "Extract Files" or "Extract All". This should create a folder right next to the zip. Open up the folder, and run the "Set-up.exe" application.


      Done! It works! I was so happy when I got it! I've already downloaded the apps I need.


      Really hope this works! Enjoy!